Bulb Fundraising for Spring 2021 Begins Soon!

2021 is here and we’re getting ready for spring bulb fundraising!

Bulb fundraising for spring 2021 begins in March! We are updating the website and preparing all of the sales materials you’ll need to promote your spring fundraiser. Landing pages will be set up beginning in mid-February so you can begin selling as early as March 1. In the meantime, you can get more information about our spring program by submitting an info request. We will email you all the details as soon as possible. You can also download our bulb fundraising info packet to learn how bulb fundraising works. The info packet also includes a calendar of important dates for spring and fall bulb fundraising.

Featured Products

Be sure to visit our Featured Products page to see the complete line of spring-planted bulbs we are offering for this fundraising season. Our selection has expanded and is nearly double the number of varieties we offered last year. Your supporters will love our new Butterfly Garden Collection! This ensemble of five different flower bulb varieties will attract butterflies and other pollinators to the garden. Several of the flower types are also excellent for cut arrangements. Priced at $55, your supporters will save over 25% compared to purchasing each variety separately. And your group will earn $27.50 profit on every package of Butterfly Garden Collection sold in your fundraiser. It’s a win-win for your supporters and your organization.

Dahlias are quite popular in our spring fundraising program. This year, we are offering four different types of dahlias, and each one is quite different from the others. Brand new to our spring fundraiser is the Yellow Mignon Dahlia. This single-flowering dahlia bears cheerful yellow flowers in mid to late summer. Pompon Dahlia features classic ball-shaped flowers approximately 2″ in diameter. The Lavender Perfection Dahlia makes a bold statement in the garden with its large “dinnerplate” blossoms. And Unwin’s Mix Dahlia offers an explosion of color in a semi-dwarf size. All of these dahlias are excellent choices for container gardening or to use in cut flower arrangements.

These are just a handful of the flower bulbs included in our spring bulb fundraising program for 2021. Your supporters will enjoy lots of returning favorite flower bulbs suitable for a variety of hardiness zones and planting locations.

Sign up today!

Are you ready to get started? To sign up for spring fundraising, please fill out a registration form. We’ll begin setting up landing pages in mid-February and will email you all the details you need to manage your fundraiser as soon as it’s been set up.

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