Butterfly Garden Collection: New Bulbs for Spring 2021!

Introducing the Butterfly Garden Collection of Bulbs

We have created the brand-new Butterfly Garden Collection bulbs for our Spring 2021 bulb fundraising program. This set of 21 bulbs features five different varieties. First, Butterfly Weed is a member of the milkweed family. Gardeners love it because it is resistant to deer and rabbits. Next, Globe Thistle requires very little maintenance. This plant bears golf-ball-sized blooms in mid to late summer. Also included in this collection, Yellow Mignon Dahlia blooms in mid to late summer. Sometimes dahlias continue blooming into early fall. Plus Pompon Dahlia provides plenty of colorful blossoms for cut arrangements. And Crocosmia Mix attracts hummingbirds in addition to butterflies.

About our Butterfly Garden Collection

The flowers in this bulb collection attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. For best results, choose a planting location in full sun. It is also best to plant in moist, well-drained soil.

Bring the beauty of this collection indoors! Globe Thistle, Yellow Mignon Dahlia, and Pompon Dahlia are all excellent choices for cut arrangements, for example. Or try your hand at outdoor container gardening. Try planting Crocosmia Mix, Pompon Dahlia, or Yellow Mignon Dahlia in flowerpots. When you do, they will add color to your deck or patio.

This collection of spring-planted, summer-blooming flower bulbs is a value of $74.00 and sells for $55.00. So for every package of Butterfly Garden Collection you sell, your organization earns a generous 50% profit of $27.50! And your supporters will save 25% off the price of purchasing all five varieties separately.

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