Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Sales

If your group has a need to raise funds, we want to work with you! In the past we have helped Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops, Church Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, Sports Teams, Class Trip Funds, Animal Rescue Groups and many others, raise the funds they need with our Spring Bulb, Fall Bulb, and Holiday Wreath fundraisers. If you have any doubt whether your group qualifies, give us a call and we’ll talk! 1-888-934-5999

To sign up your group for a fundraiser, fill out our registration form for the appropriate season. A completed registration form is required for participation in our fundraising program.

The deadline to register for a fundraiser can be found on the registration form page for each season: Spring registration form | Fall registration form | Wreath registration form

We recommend starting your sale as early as possible during the selling timeframe in order to offer your supporters the best selection. If you start too late, there may be fewer items to choose from as popular items may sell out. For spring fundraisers, we recommend starting in mid to late March. A good time to start fall bulb fundraisers is by mid to late August. And for wreath fundraisers, we recommend that you start selling by mid to late October. Generally we recommend holding a fundraiser for a minimum of two weeks. It’s important to create a sense of urgency but still allow enough time for supporters to make their selections.

We are excited to offer online fundraising as our method of sales. Selling online is easy and effective. When your group registers for a fundraiser, we will build a landing page just for your group. Your fundraising leader can customize this page with a photo or logo for your group and add a description about your organization and what you are raising funds for. Each group landing page has a unique URL that can be shared via email, on your group website or preferred social media platform. When your friends and contacts click on the link they will go directly to YOUR landing page and purchase items to support your group. Each landing page will include your group name in the title so your customers will know which fundraiser they are supporting with their order.

Yes! Sometimes groups such as scout troops and school sports teams may need to track sales to individual group members to cover that member’s share of the cost of a trip, uniform expenses, etc. If your group needs to do this, please answer “yes” to the question on the registration form asking if you need to track sales to participants. You will also need to email us a list of your participating group members’ names so that we can set up their pages. (Please note that a participant is a member of your group who is selling on behalf of your group; participants are not the supporters who order from your fundraiser.) When we set up your fundraiser landing page, each participant will get their own landing page with their name listed on it. Individual participant pages cannot be customized; the participant landing page looks the same as your group’s landing page but with the addition of the participant’s name. The goal and progress shown on the participant’s page will reflect the amounts attributed to that participant only. Each participant has a unique link for their fundraiser landing page as well as a unique participant code. Orders must be placed through the participant’s landing page in order for the participant to receive credit for the order; any orders placed through your overall group page will not be credited to a participant. When we provide you with a report of the orders at the end of your fundraiser, we will include a summary of the total sales and profit for each participant.

Your Group Code (or Participant Code if you are tracking sales to participants) is simply another way of reaching a fundraiser landing page for a group or participant if the supporter isn’t able to click a direct link to a page. The code does not get entered at checkout. For example, if you post about your fundraiser on social media and provide the direct link to your landing page, the supporter is clicking a direct link and will not need to use the code at all. But if you print out a flyer with your code listed on it and the supporter needs to type a web address into their browser, they simply go to, then click on Enter Group Code and type in either the Group Code or Participant Code for the group or participant they wish to support. The supporter will then be redirected to the landing page for the fundraiser or participant to place their order.

Our Direct Shipping Program is our easiest yet! Your supporters simply place their orders online, and the items purchased will ship directly to the shipping address they provide on their orders – whether it’s shipping to the supporter’s own address, or to a gift recipient’s address. Your group won’t worry about receiving or sorting inventory or the hassle of pick up or delivery. Items can be shipped anywhere within the contiguous U.S. For spring and fall bulb fundraisers, there is a flat shipping charge of $10 per order for bulbs and $8 per order for seed kits and other direct-ship items. For wreath fundraisers the shipping charge is included in the shipped price of the item. (Please note that for local New England wreath fundraisers offering pickup, the shipping charge is added into the total price after selecting “Shipping” from the delivery drop-down menu.) Potted plants, plain wreaths, wreaths with bow only, and wreaths measuring 28″ or larger are not available for direct shipping.

For local groups within driving distance to our shop in New Hampshire, you can choose to offer pickup with your fundraiser. In spring, potted annuals are pickup only items. In fall, we offer potted mums for local pickup only. And for wreath fundraisers, most items offered can be ordered as pickup; however, certain items are pickup only and not available for direct shipping, and there are a small number of items that are direct ship only. Please note that deadlines for pickup orders are earlier than for direct ship orders. To offer pickup with your fundraiser, you must choose that option on the registration form when you sign up. Once your landing page has been set up, you’ll select a pickup date and time and enter pickup instructions for your supporters on your fundraiser landing page. Your local supporters place their orders online through your fundraiser landing page on our website and select “pickup” from the delivery drop-down menu on an item’s product page. Then, representatives from your group pick up the bulk order of pickup items for your group’s fundraiser at our location in Franklin, NH at your scheduled pickup time. Your group is responsible for distributing the pickup items to those who ordered; we provide you with a complete list of all the orders including contact information to aid in distribution. You might choose to have a pickup day at one central location, or have group members deliver the items to supporters in person – it’s entirely up to you based on what works best for your group. It’s also important to distribute your pickup items as soon as possible after your bulk pickup to avoid spoilage due to improper storage conditions. (Ideally picking up and distributing the same day for potted annuals or mums, and the same day or next day for wreaths and other holiday greens.) The size and number of vehicles you will need for pickup varies based on the items and quantities ordered. For very large orders, you may want to consider renting a large van or box truck. Our staff can help determine the size and number of vehicles needed for your pickup after all of your pickup orders have been placed and we have prepared your pickup report.

Cost, Payment & Profit

For an up-to-date price list please fill out an info request form for the appropriate season. Depending on the time of year, updated pricing may not yet be available for your selected season, but we can provide information from the prior season for reference purposes. Typically, spring pricing is finalized in January or early February, fall pricing is finalized in May or June, and wreath pricing is finalized by late August or early September.

There are no set up costs to run a fundraiser with Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company.

Online pricing is the same for all fundraisers and cannot be changed for a specific group. Downloadable sales materials come with these prices already listed.

Within two weeks after all fundraisers end for the season, your fundraiser profit is paid by check and mailed via first-class mail to the mailing address you provided on your registration form. At the same time, we will email your fundraising leader a detailed report listing all of your online sales.

Product Details & Ordering

No. Most of our items are available for direct ship; however, plain wreaths, wreaths with bow, and 28″ or larger wreaths are for pickup only. Potted annuals in springtime and potted mums in fall are also only available for pickup. If your group is planning a Direct Ship only fundraiser, your fundraiser landing page will only show items available for direct shipping.

No, there is no minimum order.

Since your customers order online directly through your fundraiser landing page, there is no final order for you to place. This makes it so much easier for your group since you do not have to collect order forms or payment. Please note that you should be directing all of your supporters to place their orders directly online; you should not be collecting orders and placing them yourself, as items do sell out before the season ends.

Yes. Order deadlines vary by season and can be found on the calendars in our fundraising info packet.

To place an order, you’ll need either the direct link to a group’s or participant’s fundraiser landing page, or the code for that fundraiser or participant to search on the Enter Group Code page. Complete details on ordering and payment can be found on the Ordering and Payment page.

Our wreaths last for quite a while; some are still green by Easter in colder climates! Many factors contribute the length of time a wreath stays fresh. We purposely harvest our brush late in the season to ensure that the needles have set for the winter. When you receive your wreath, do not hang it in between your front and storm door. The heat from the sun shining through a window will turn your wreath orange VERY quickly. It is best to hang wreaths on an exterior door and preferably out of direct sunlight. Very hot or windy climates will find that their wreaths do not last as long as those in cooler locations. Always display fresh wreaths, door swags, garland, and kissing balls outdoors, never indoors. To ensure longer life for centerpieces displayed indoors, be sure to keep them watered and away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Pickup, Delivery, or Shipping

Orders will be ready for pickup on one of our Fundraiser Pickup Days. Please select your pickup date online as soon as possible or communicate with our office to choose the day that works best for you. If you cannot pick up on one of our scheduled dates, let us know ASAP and we will work with you to find a better time.

We are not able to offer bulk delivery of pickup orders to every group. To talk about the possibility of delivery please contact our office. Bulk delivery requires additional freight charges, and delivery dates are flexible, not exact.

No, you cannot pick up a bulb order. All bulbs ship directly from our distributor’s warehouse in the midwest. We do not stock inventory of bulbs in New Hampshire for pickup.

Spring bulb orders begin shipping in early May. Fall bulb orders begin shipping in late September or early October. For wreath fundraisers, your individual supporters select their desired shipping week online when placing their order. Choices for wreath shipping may range from the week of Thanksgiving through the first full week of December, depending on when the customer places their order. Please note that we do not have control over when direct ship orders are delivered; once the order is shipped, the delivery time is subject to the carrier’s shipping volume and distance traveled. For complete details on shipping, please see our Shipping Information page.

Bulbs are shipped via FedEx Ground Economy, which generally takes 2 to 10 business days in transit. Wreaths and holiday greens are shipped via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, which generally takes 1 to 5 business days in transit. These timeframes may be extended during peak shipping periods around the holidays. Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date, only the week in which your order will ship.

Yes, when an order ships, the customer will receive an automated email notification from FedEx with a tracking number. This email will be sent to the email address the customer provided at checkout. You can also contact us if you need further assistance with tracking after your order has shipped.

Returning Customers

Yes. We require a new registration for each fundraising season.

No. Prices and products change from year to year. Please submit an info request to receive a price list for the current season.

Customer Service

Complete details can be found on our Refunds and Exchanges page.

An insert with general planting instructions should have been included with your bulb shipment. If this insert was missing, or if you require additional information, please contact us for assistance.

An insert with care instructions should have been included with your centerpiece. If this insert was missing, here are the instructions: To remove the centerpiece from the plastic wrapping, it is better to carefully cut the plastic from top to bottom rather than tearing or pulling it off. Add water to your centerpiece as soon as you receive it, and water regularly to keep it from drying out too quickly. It’s also best to display your centerpiece away from direct sunlight or any heat sources such as fireplaces, air ducts, or radiators.

Wreaths last longest when hung outdoors in a shaded area. Do not display your wreath in direct sunlight. You should not place your wreath behind a storm door where heat can build up. Wreaths will last longer in colder climates than in warmer or windy climates. Do not display your wreath indoors.