Freesia: Colorful, fragrant, and easy to grow!

Freesia Close-Up
A closer view of Freesia

Freesia, a plant native to South Africa, is named after Dr. Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German physician. Its 18″ to 24″ stems grow from a corm and bear a spike of funnel-shaped blossoms facing upward along one side.

Growing tips

For best results, we recommend planting Freesia three inches deep and two to three inches apart in an area that receives full sun. Easy to grow, Freesia offer lots of color variety and a light, sweet fragrance. Grow them in containers or in garden beds, or force the bulbs indoors through winter. Enjoy their fragrant flowers outdoors, or display them in cut-flower arrangements to add beauty to any room in your home.

Don’t cut back the foliage after blooming has finished; instead, wait until later in summer. This is when the leaves begin to turn yellow and die off as the plant enters its dormant stage.

An easy to grow Freesia garden
A garden of Freesia

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