Spring Spotlight: Dahlias

Dahlias – Flowers of All Shapes and Sizes!

Dahlias are prized by gardeners for their showy flowers in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and structures. Depending on the variety, dahlias can grow from 16 inches to nearly six feet tall!

You’ll enjoy a wide variety of flower colors and structures in our spring 2024 selections. Two of the most popular from year to year are our Pompon Dahlia Mix with its full, ball-like flowers, and Unwin’s Mix Dahlia, a semi-dwarf variety featuring a wide range of colors. The Mango Madness Dahlia is a dinnerplate variety with large double flowers measuring up to 11″ in diameter. And the Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia is a timeless classic peony-flowering dahlia with its semi-double open flowers.

Dahlias are an extremely popular choice in cut flower arrangements due to their spectacular appearance.

It’s best to choose a location in full sun for your dahlias. Keep them watered regularly, especially during dry periods, provide them with fertilizer on a regular basis, and they will reward you with beautiful blooms throughout the growing season.

Though you can grow dahlias in hardiness zones 7 and colder, if you want to enjoy them season after season you’ll need to dig them up before frost and store them indoors over the winter. The tubers will multiply during the growing season, and you can quickly end up with double the number of plants the following year if you divide them. Dividing can be done before packing them away for the winter or after taking them out of storage in the spring.

image of pompon dahlia mix  image of unwin's mix dahlias

image of mango madness dahlia  image of bishop of llandaff dahlia

Shown above (left to right, top to bottom): Pompon Dahlia Mix, Unwin’s Mix Dahlia, Mango Madness Dahlia, and Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia

Dahlia Details

  • Hardiness Zones: 8-10
  • Plant Type: Perennial in zones 8 and warmer; dig up and store over winter in zones 7 and colder
  • Bloom Time: Mid to late summer, some varieties until first frost
  • Mature Plant Size: 24″-36″ tall for Pompon Dahlia Mix and Bishop of Llandaff; 16″-24″ tall for Unwin’s Mix; 40″-42″ tall for Mango Madness
  • Light Requirements: Full sun
  • Planting: 1″-2″ deep, 12″ apart for shorter varieties or 18″-24″ apart for taller varieties
  • Soil Type: Loamy, well-drained soil with consistent moisture

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