Finding Success with your Fundraiser

Finding Success with Your Fundraiser – Part 1 of a 3 part series

No matter which of our easy and profitable fundraising programs you choose – spring bulb flower fundraiser, fall bulb and potted mums fundraiser, or our holiday Christmas wreath fundraiser – follow these tips for successful results.

When you are part of a non-profit organization, fundraising is often necessary to its survival.  Whether you are a member of the school PTO, a volunteer for a youth sports team, or even an animal rescue group, fundraising is essential. If you are coming up short for the new playground, new uniforms, or to help with the medical care of a sick animal, fundraising is one of the most consistent options. Easier said than done, right? Organizing a fundraiser does not have to be an overwhelming task. We have a series of tips to get you moving forward, so let’s get started!

Fundraising is a Team Effort

Step 1: Form a Team

Fundraising is a lot of work and it helps to have a team you can count on. Some groups will ask everyone to participate; others will form a small fundraising committee. A team will be able to raise more money faster and can even foster friendly competition, inspiration and encouragement. Create that core team of people and assign specific tasks. Meet often to stay motivated and on top of your goals, advertising and feedback.

Brainstorming Graphic for Fundraising

Step 2: Define Your Purpose

Why are you running a fundraiser? What do you need the money for and is it a cause that others can get behind?  By defining “the message” for your fundraising event, you and the other group members will be prepared to explain your needs clearly and consistently. By having a uniform message, you can be sure that your whole team is working toward the same fundraising goals. It helps when you’re asking for support that your supporters know they are helping with new uniforms, a class trip or to raise funds for an addition at a facility. By keeping the goal specific, when you run your next fundraiser for something else they won’t think “I’ve already given to that”.

Our series will continue with part 2 – Set your goal and define your target audience.

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