Did You Know: Direct-Ship Fundraising is Contactless!

Yes, we offer contactless fundraising! A wide variety of schools, scout troops, sports teams, animal rescue groups, and other organizations have been enjoying our direct-ship fundraisers for years. They love having their supporters order online, so they don’t have to collect order forms or handle payments. Plus, we handle the distribution, whether it’s direct shipping flower bulb orders to your supporters, or Christmas wreaths to their gift recipients!

All you need to do is promote your fundraiser, and we’ll mail you a profit check for your fundraising sales within two weeks after all fundraisers end for that season. And when you promote your direct-ship fundraiser digitally instead of in person, it’s contactless!

There are several ways you can safely promote your fundraiser, including:

  • On your website
  • Through social media
  • In newsletters
  • By emailing friends and family
  • Via text message
  • Or even by making a good old-fashioned phone call!

When you promote your fundraiser through the channels detailed above and combine it with our online ordering and direct shipping, your fundraiser remains safe and contactless.

We’ve heard from a number of organizations that are looking for convenient, contactless fundraising this year. Many groups participating in our spring bulb flower fundraising program this past spring, including several brand-new groups, saw great success and gained lots of support for their fundraisers.

Learn more about how our direct-ship flower bulb fundraising programs work. Download our bulb fundraising info packet, which includes a calendar of important dates for our upcoming bulb fundraising season.

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