Dahlia Bulbs for Fundraising

Four Dahlia Bulb Varieties for Spring Fundraising

Dahlia flowers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They are also quite versatile. For a diverse selection, we have chosen four different types of dahlia bulbs for spring fundraising this year.

Unwin’s Mix Dahlia: Plant a border or create cut arrangements with this semi-dwarf dahlia mix. Your supporters will also love it as a container plant.

Image of Lavender Perfection Dahlia Flower for Spring Fundraising

Lavender Perfection Dahlia: The large blooms of this dinnerplate dahlia make a bold statement in the garden. Although dahlias are perennial in zones 8 to 10, you can dig up the bulbs and store indoors over the winter in colder zones. Then plant them outdoors again the next spring.

Spring fundraising with Pompon Dahlia flower bulbs

Pompon Dahlia: The cheerful blooms of this versatile flowering plant add color to your garden. Additionally, butterflies and other pollinators love them!

Yellow Mignon Dahlia: You will enjoy the bright, sunny yellow flowers of this dahlia from mid to late summer. Plus, in some areas you can even extend the blooming time into fall!

Your supporters will love dahlia bulbs for spring fundraising!

Why do gardeners enjoy dahlia bulbs? First, dahlias offer an endless variety of colors, sizes and styles. From small, round pompon dahlia blooms to large dinnerplate sized flowers, there is something to appeal to everyone. Second, dahlias are versatile. For example, plant tall dahlias in your garden as a focal point or create a border with smaller varieties. Or try container gardening with the Yellow Mignon Dahlia or Unwin’s Mix Dahlia. Third, dahlias provide plentiful blooms. Because cutting encourages blooming, dahlias are an excellent choice for cut arrangements.

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