Best Summer Flowers for Cut Arrangements

Our Favorite Summer Flowers for Cut Arrangements

Bring summer color indoors with flowers that are ideal for cut arrangements. By selectively cutting some of your summer flowers, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden even when you’re not outdoors.

Cut arrangement of summer Freesia flowers in a mug

Freesia in cut flower arrangements

Add a whimsical touch by placing a few stems of Freesia in a small vase. Or combine with other cut flowers to create a stunning arrangement.

Bold, blue Columbine

You’ll want to keep some Columbine outdoors for the hummingbirds and butterflies, but bring some stems indoors to enjoy. For best results, pick when the blooms are only half-open.

pompon dahlia flower bulbs for cut arrangements

Dress up your dining room table with smaller Dahlias

Pompon Dahlia, Yellow Mignon Dahlia, and Unwin’s Mix Dahlia would make a stunning arrangement for your table. Although they are all Dahlias, each one has a different flower style that complements the others.

raspberry sundae peony for cut arrangements

Peonies are a classic in floral design for cut arrangements

Gardeners love the large, ruffled blooms of Peonies, both in the garden and in cut arrangements. You probably won’t have flowers to harvest the first year, but the showy blossoms are well worth the wait! Choose from Karl Rosenfield Peony and Raspberry Sundae Peony in our Spring 2021 Bulb Fundraising program.

globe thistle flowers can be used fresh or dried

Globe Thistle flowers for fresh or dried arrangements

The globe-shaped blossoms of Globe Thistle add a unique touch to flower arrangements. Plus, you can dry them out for use year-round!

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