About Your Three Rivers Group Code and Landing Page Link

When a group signs up for a spring or fall flower bulb or Christmas holiday wreath fundraiser with us, we assign that fundraiser a unique landing page link and Three Rivers group code. Both of these provide a way for supporters to reach a fundraiser’s landing page to shop and place orders.

Information for Fundraising Coordinators

If your supporters click your fundraiser’s direct link online or in an email, they will not need to use your group code. If you’ve lost your direct link, you can find it on your fundraiser admin page. Simply log into your fundraiser admin account and click the “Manage” button next to your current fundraiser. Your link appears right there on the fundraiser details page. You’ll even find a button to click and copy the link to your clipboard so you can paste it wherever you need to.

The only time your supporters will need to use your group code is if they reach the Three Rivers website without clicking a direct link to your landing page. Or, if you’ve only provided them with a link to our home page instead of your landing page direct link, they’ll need to enter your group code to reach your landing page. It’s important to remember that the group code is only a way to get someone to your fundraiser’s landing page. Your supporters do not enter the group code at checkout.

When one of your supporters reaches your fundraiser landing page and places an order, that order is automatically coded to your fundraiser because it was placed from your landing page.

Image of Enter Group Code

Information for Fundraiser Supporters

If you’ve clicked a direct link to a fundraiser’s landing page, you will not need to use their group code. When place an order from a group’s fundraiser landing page, your order will be automatically coded to that group’s fundraiser.

The group code is simply another method of reaching a fundraising group’s landing page. For example, if you read about the fundraiser in printed materials, you can use the group code to avoid typing in a longer web address. To reach a fundraiser’s landing page using the group code, click “Enter Group Code” on our home page. You can also click “Find Your Fundraiser” at the top of any page of our website. Then enter the group code in the box and click the search button. That will take you to the group’s landing page to shop through their fundraiser.

Image of Oops Message ScreenIf you see an “oops” message, you may have entered the group code incorrectly or the group’s fundraiser may have already ended. Group codes are always six characters long and contain only letters and/or numbers. They are not case-sensitive, so you can type in upper case or lower case. If the fundraiser hasn’t ended and you’re typing in the group code correctly, please contact us for assistance.

By purchasing through a group’s fundraiser landing page, your order is automatically coded to that fundraiser. The group code is only a way of getting to a specific fundraiser’s landing page. You do not enter the group code at checkout.

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