Our Craft

Hand-Crafted Wreaths

Holiday Wreaths

We pride ourselves on the passion, dedication, and personal attention given to everything we offer. As a New England wreath company, we are devoted to the quality of our craft. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, each hand-made wreath possesses its own unique form and likeness guided by nature’s balsam fir. Each Three Rivers wreath is double-faced and thickly fashioned, made with hand-picked greens gathered daily.

Double-faced: Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company only offers double-faced wreaths, or, double-sided. Greens are built on both sides of an interior wire ring to create a thick, lush, florist-quality wreath. Hang your double-faced wreath on a front door without worrying about scratches.

Fall-Planted Bulbs and Spring-Planted Bare Roots

We offer more than wreaths. Owner Kirk Weyant has over 30 years of experience in the horticultural industry. From turf production, planting and harvesting shrubs and trees, to running and owning a retail garden center, he’s done it all! Your fundraiser and your gardens will flourish with our growing tips and friendly advice.

We source our spring and fall bulbs directly from Holland. These healthy, hardy and unique varieties will succeed throughout the United States. The larger bulb sizes we offer will maximize the blooms in your garden right from the start.

Attention New England Groups!

Can’t wait for color? We offer finished annual collections as part of our spring fundraising product line. Your customers choose from mixed-variety hanging baskets and “plant-your-own” potted annuals. Customers place their orders online through your group’s fundraiser page. Your group picks up those orders at our location in Franklin, NH and distributes them to your customers. Finished collections feature high-quality annuals, grown and arranged by a local New England Greenhouse Grower.


In 2019, we also began offering potted mums as part of our fall fundraising program. As with the finished annual collections above, potted mums are only available to New England groups. Your customers place their orders online. Then, representatives from your group pick up the bulk order of mums at our facility in Franklin, NH. Your group is responsible for distribution of mums to your customers.