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    Fall Bulbs Fundraiser For

    Magzalea Farm Sanctuary


    Help us raise some much needed funds for winter expenses! The Almanac is predicting a doozy of a winter… great! Every winter we need lots and lots of dry warm bedding, shavings, straw. We also go through more forage and hay than any other season. Electrolytes and salt to encourage water intake and so much more. We need all the help we can get!

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Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company bulbs are sourced directly from Holland and we have chosen healthy & hardy varieties that will succeed throughout the United States. At Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company, we offer our products in larger sizes to maximize the blooms in your garden right from the start!

Fall Planted Bulbs should be planted before the first hard frost, usually between the months of September through November depending on your Hardiness Zone. Fundraisers earn up to 50% profit from every item sold! Help them earn the funds they need and add some color to your garden at the same time.


Fall bulbs ordered online will begin shipping in late September to early October. Three Rivers Wreath & Plant Company ships via FedEx Smart Post within the contiguous U.S. only. We cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

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Zone Map