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Fall Bulbs Fundraiser For

A Better English Setter Rescue


We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in the State of New Jersey, with members and foster homes located throughout the United States. help us raise money to save and rehome these sweet English Setters.

Siberian Squill (10 Bulbs)


This early spring bloomer naturalizes easily and will spread over time. See details below.

This early spring bloomer features beautiful, bell-shaped blue flowers. Will naturalize and spread over time.

Botanical Name: Scilla siberica
Hardiness Zones: 2-8
Plant Type: Perennial
Bloom Time: Early spring
Advantages: Deer and rabbit resistant; naturalizes well
Mature Plant Size: 3″-6″ tall
Light Requirements: Full sun to half sun/half shade
Plant Depth: 4″ deep, 2″ apart
Soil Type: Average, well-drained soil