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Fall Bulbs Fundraiser For

Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue


Daffodil Bulb Mix (25 Bulbs)


Fan Favorite! A springtime favorite, this assortment includes a variety of colors and sizes. See details below.

Fan Favorite! A springtime favorite, this daffodil assortment can include colors from white to yellow-orange and sizes from small cup to trumpet.

Botanical Name: Narcissus
Hardiness Zones: 3-8
Plant Type: Perennial
Bloom Time: Early to late spring
Advantages: Deer, drought, and rabbit resistant
Mature Plant Size: Varies up to 20″ tall
Light Requirements: Full to part sun
Plant Depth: 6″ deep, 3″ to 4″ apart
Soil Type: Loamy, well-drained soil

Please note: Daffodils require a chilling period in order to bloom; NOT suitable for hardiness zones 9 and up. Check your hardiness zone on the map on the fundraiser’s landing page, or on the USDA website.